Travel Tips Mexico

Travel tip Mexico page – Before you leave on your vacation to Mexico you may want to read the following travel tips.

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If you are a citizen of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, a EU member country or Israel, you do not need a Visa. Instead of a Visa, people who live in these countries do need a valid passport and a tourist card. Tourist cards can be obtained at a Mexican consulate (see for a list of Mexican consulates in the US and Canada) or from your airline.

Travel tip Mexico 2 – Money: The Mexican currency is the Peso (represented by the same $ symbol as the US dollar). When visiting Mexico you shouldn’t bring too much cash money; traveller’s cheques and/or credit cards are preferable. Click here
to convert Pesos into your currency.
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Travel tip Mexico 3 – Health: Although most travellers leave Mexico without getting a serious disease, however you may want to take some precautions. Try to avoid food that has been on display for a while or hasn’t been cooked. Don’t drink water unless you know it has been purified. When travelling to some tropical areas it may be advisable to get injections against tetanus and tyfus. For more detailed information see Travel tip Mexico 4 – Transportation:
The best way to travel long-distance in Mexico is by bus. The buses are generally very of very good quality and offer modern comforts such as air-conditioning, movies and comfortable seats. When travelling inside a city or town you can either choose to ride one of the cheap local mini-buses or rent a taxi. The mini-buses are not recommended for those who don’t know their way around, but can be very cheap and are safer than taxis. When visiting Mexico City you should avoid using a Taxi cab, as there have been a lot of crimes commited against tourists by taxi drivers. Taxis in tourist areas are generally safe.

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Generally tourists should only worry about crime in big cities like Mexico City. Robberies and muggings are not uncommon, so when you visit the capital or another big city you should take some precautions: avoid wearing jewelry or expensive clothes, carry only the cash or credit card you will need and leave the rest in your hotel safe and avoid using ATM machines. For more safety advice visit

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