Cancun is hardly an unspoiled, hidden gem–and with good reason. The unparalleled beaches, raucous nightlife, accessibility and relatively affordable price tag for this Caribbean destination couldn’t help but attract millions of tourists.

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Cancun: The Beaches

You might think Cancun’s beaches would be crowded, and you’d be both right and wrong. To be sure, the millions who come to Cancun every year inevitably make their way to the beach at some point of their stay, if not every point of their stay. But 22 kilometers of beaches—yes, that’s about ten miles–can’t be completely swallowed up, no matter how many tanned and burnt bodies descend upon the soft sand. The beaches of Cancun still leave plenty of room for sunbathing, napping, sandcastle construction, volleyball, and just plain fun. If you go outside the high season summer and winter months, you’ll be even more likely to find your patch of sand, though there really is no time Cancun’s beaches aren’t busy.

The most popular of Cancun’s beaches are on the north side of the Zona Hotelera: Playa Langosta (Lobster Beach) and Playa Tortuga (Turtle Beach). Less popular, and consequently less crowded, are Playa Marlin and Playa Delfines (Dolphins Beach) to the south; Playa las Perlas (Pearls Beach) and Playa Linda (Pretty Beach) to the west; and to the east, the thrilling one-meter high waves of Playa Chac-Mool.

If you don’t end up staying in one of the many Cancun hotels along the beach, don’t be scared off by the wall of high-rises standing between you and the surf. Every last inch of Mexico’s beaches, even Cancun’s, are public property. Access points to the beach appear at regular intervals along the main drag, Kukulcan.

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Cancun: The Nightlife

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Cancun hosts some of the hottest nightlife in the world, and you’d have to be a true homebody not to at least sample it during your stay. Nightlife starts around 9pm and continues until the last party animal collapses from exhaustion sometime around 5 or 6 am. Some of the ritziest bars and clubs in the Americas can be found in the Zona Hotelera, where prices range from high to exorbitant. The highest concentration of clubs can be found in the Punta Cancun area, though older travelers (i.e., travelers older than thirty) might not feel comfortable among all the hard-partying teenagers who throng here. More traditional, quieter nightlife can be found downtown, where the locals tend to congregate.

Perhaps the most dominant image of Cancun’s nightlife is of hordes of North American university students giving themselves over to drunken bacchanalia during spring break. Actually, this is a pretty accurate image of spring break in Cancun, which is a good reason to avoid the city’s nightlife from mid-March through early April, unless this kind of thing happens to be your scene. For the other eleven months of the year, Cancun’s nightlife would still rival the intensity of any other city of the Americas, but without the mass youth alcohol poisoning of spring break.

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Cancun: The Hotels

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If you come to Cancun the way most North Americans do, your hotel is already included as part of your complete vacation package. The prices you can get in these kinds of package are dirt-cheap thanks to the cutthroat competition among tour operators and hotel owners. You’re unlikely to find any better deals if you book once you arrive in Mexico, unless you’re looking to stay in one of the two new youth hostels or small, older hotels in the downtown area. Even these less popular options should be booked in advance if possible.

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Cancun: The Restaurants

Whether you want chi-chi international cuisine, a quick bite at a North American or Mexican chain restaurant, or to take your chances on a street vendor, Cancun’s dining options have got you covered. If you have money to spend, the sky is the limit in Cancun. If you’re looking for something under US$3.00 a meal, there are still plenty of options, you just have to look harder. The biggest concentration of budget restaurants is in the downtown area.

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So, if you want to party hard, eat well, have some fun in the sun, and don’t mind sharing the experience with several tens of thousands of other vacationers, Cancun is still a great beat.

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