Acapulco Offers Truly Affordable Resorts without a Package

Today, Acapulco is attractive partly because now that the movie star luster of a “hot” resort destination has worn off, it’s more affordable. Plus, in Acapulco, you’re not tied to your resort. The relatively low prices of resorts and frequent vacancies mean that you can choose a resort once you get here; there’s no need to tie yourself down to a pre-paid package vacation unless you find a particularly good deal. The resorts are all only a five-minute walk from a huge variety of restaurants, shopping, a water park, the night clubs, and other attractions, all clustered closely together along the coast, so you won’t have to depend on your resort for any of that, either.

Acapulco: Where to Stay

If you don’t want to stay in a resort, there are still plenty of hotel options. If you want to get a true Mexican experience, you can stay in a rock-bottom cheap family-owned hotel for as little as eleven US dollars a night; these are some of the cheapest hotel rooms of any major Mexican city apart from Mexico City. These little hotels cluster around the town square and up the hill from the town square toward the famous cliff of the cliff divers and near the quieter ocean inlet beaches, rather than the vast expanse of beach dominated by the resorts. Be warned, however, that such super-affordable family hotels usually come without an extra that’s crucial for many foreigners, and even a lot of locals: air conditioning. The air in Acapulco, particularly in the summer, can get oppressively humid, especially at night.

Your best option for all-around comfort and value might be a “mid-range” locally-owned hotel charging around twenty to forty US dollars a night. This kind of hotel will have air conditioning, hot and cold water, and purified drinking water (though you should ask before you drink it), though it won’t have such amenities as a restaurant or swimming pool—and shame on you if you spend any of your time in Acapulco in a hotel swimming pool or restaurant and miss out on a minute of the city’s great beaches and dining options.

Then, of course, there are the resorts. With these, you should worry less about the unnecessary swimming pool or restaurant, and concentrate on location: specifically, whether you want to stay closer to the quieter end of the beach, or the more rough and tumble surf out towards the edge of Acapulco. The one huge advantage of the resorts is the location: they are the only hotels actually on the beach. Since 100% of Mexico’s beaches are public property, no one has priority access to them. Still, if you wanted to have an ocean view, or a hotel-provided lounge chair on the beach, a resort might be your best option.

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